Dropping the Ball

It happens to all of us, our hands become so full of the lives that we’re juggling and eventually…we drop the ball. For me it happened about six months ago, just as I began to hit my stride.  I was halfway through writing my first book; getting my groove on in health and fitness and on my way to becoming a personal trainer. Then calamity struck and I was introduced to the ’18 Weeks of Pneumonia’ life challenge.

Now whether I dropped the ball or the ball was dropped on me is debatable. Life pulled an ‘all’s stop’ and just making it to the coffee pot with my dignity in tact was a chore. Although I continued to research and write, everything else took a back seat to sleep and the sheer effort of breathing.

In an around week 8 of my ‘Epic Viral Adventure’ I was presented a unique opportunity that in truth, made me question my direction as a whole. A friend of mine messaged me about a program saying it was “Right up my alley!” and asked if I’d consider going back to school. Rounding into week 12 that is exactly what I did.

By week 15 I was on my first expedition. I learned to canoe at Pinehurst; kayaked down Big Creek; went tree top canopy walking and ziplining in Long Point and repelled for the very first time. I also began to learn the rudimentary basics of tree identification and foraging. Admittedly I was hooked and my direction…well it began to change!

Week 18 saw me walking out of the viral woods and into my first round of midterms and the realization that I was torn.  How on earth was I going to split time between health and fitness, my insatiable desire to immerse myself in the natural world and a growing hell bent for leather drive to learn autonomous survival?  I dribbled the ball around in my mind between assignments and final exam prep; quit my job to reduce stress; continued to heal and began to re-focus.

Clarity came with the purchase of a wild little property out near Matachewan; 160 acres of new growth, boreal forest surrounded by lakes and teaming with wildlife. It dawned on me that I had been asking the wrong question; instead of how I was to separate my passions I first had to define them and then combine them. After all, they’re a part of me; I live them simultaneously and essentially…it’s a me thing!

I’ve grabbed up the ball. Health is health, it encompasses all aspects of life, and to be completely honest, fitness is such a broad spectrum concept with more niches than an English Muffin! Not everyone needs rippling pecks and a six-pack to be ‘fit’; they need to be functionally fit according to their lifestyle, individual goals and needs.  Whereas I’m still pursuing the route of personal trainer my niche now encapsulates a healthy dose of the outdoors…with the odd foray into survivalism and wilderness expedition for good measure.

So, allow me to re-introduce myself and Finding Fit. My name is Cassandra; I am an author, a photographer and student. I study health and fitness along with ecology; wildlife biology and behavior; sustainability; business and marketing.  I’m becoming both a personal trainer and an Interpreter in Adventure Expeditions. I’ll give you fair warning, I am as likely to post exercise videos and articles on health and diet as I am to share environmental essays, concepts in primalizaton and hardcore survival hacks. My goal is simple, to embrace a natural, healthy, fit life and bring as many people along with me as want to come.

You see, dropping the ball may seem like a setback but it isn’t the end of the world; in fact it might be just the thing you need to re-think your motivation and re-evaluate your game plan. For me it was a necessary, evolutionary step indeed.

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous New Year and cheers to an exciting 2017!

Cassandra xo


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