Gaia Theory, The Walking Dead and the Future of Humanity

Postulated by British scientist James Lovelock in the 1960’s and further co-developed by microbiologist Lynn Margulis, Gaia Theory, the interconnectedness of the Earth and all of her organic and inorganic components as a single living, breathing organism was named for the Greek goddess Gaia.  Daughter of Chaos, Gaia is the embodiment of Mother Earth and represents the creation of order from chaos and the intricate, interconnected balance of sustainable life (Gaia Theory Organization 2016). A theory more hotly contested than the chicken and the egg, Gaia is a series of non-discriminatory checks and balances and her purpose is to ensure her own continuation, as the Earth Mother. It is going to be suggested here that all will not be lost for the human race in a post-apocalyptic state. We are moving towards a crucial, if not necessary, reset point in order to ensure our survival not obliterate it.

A quick look at the world as it stands today paints a grim picture of an overpopulated and polluted state. At the time of this writing we have a global population that is quickly surpassing 7.5 billion people; 80% of which live in a disadvantaged state of social, economic, physical and/or mental decline, disease and starvation. Our global environment is collapsing in upon itself unable to sustain the burden of inhabitants while maintaining the vital order of operations of basic existence. Global warming and climate change are happening; plant and animal species are slipping away into extinction and we are moving inexorably towards the final curtain call of life…or are we?

First let’s look at the study of resonant frequencies, particularly those carried out through the Global Coherence Monitoring System which studies the Science of Interconnectivity between humans and the Earth itself. As a measurable science, the Global Coherence Initiative has successfully measured the interconnectedness of human emotions and behaviour upon the Earth’s magnetic field and vice versa. Most interestingly, the Earth’s resonant frequencies “…directly overlaps those of the human brain, cardiovascular and autonomic nervous systems.” (Heart Math Institute 2016) In other words, human life and by association all life, is synchronized with the Earth itself. We are not separate entities, we are merely parts of the whole as Gaia Theory would suggest. As parts of the whole we are thereby essential to the existence of the earth. “The Gaia hypothesis is the idea that Earth is a living organism and can regulate its own environment. This idea argues that Earth is able to maintain conditions that are favorable for life to survive on it, and that it is the living things on Earth that give the planet this ability.” (Science Clarified 2016)

Now let’s insert Einstein’s theory of conservation, that “…energy can neither be created nor destroyed [in an isolated system], it can only be changed from one form to another.”(Scientific American, Moskowitz, C., 2014) In other words, within the closed system of the earth and subsequently our universe, energy is consistent in quantitative value from one form to the next. This would include the conversion of energy from one state to another i.e.: from a viable life form through to death, decomposition and the redistribution of energy to another form or process.

Gaia Theory as it relates to apocalyptic scenarios or end of world events does not allow for total destruction or annihilation to take place, quite the contrary! It forces subscribers to value human existence as essential to the earths’ and to consider future models of continuation by means of conservation and conversion theories according to the very laws of science that Gaia encompasses.

One of the most current, artistic portrayals of an end of the world scenario is AMC’s popular series, The Walking Dead. Considered one of the most realistic apocalypse models, The Walking Dead presents a near biblical rendition of the apocalypse, complete with the Four Horsemen: Disease (the zombie virus), Pestilence (the zombies themselves), Famine (the struggle for fresh water and sustenance) and War (the various factions fighting for available resources as well as for survival). We are lead to believe that as much as 80% or more of the (disadvantaged) population are now deceased and have become the walking dead. The storyline flows from the tipping point of the viral outbreak and sudden population decline through to the establishment of survivorship. From survivorship it quickly moves towards re-establishment of social grouping and leadership before careening into rival disputes with a survival of the fittest motif. Slowly but surely creation theory makes an appearance as the leading roles pair off and in some cases start to repopulate.

From total global collapse into abject chaos; the purging of unsustainable populations and practices to the subsequent shift in energy that would allow for repair and re-establishment of adapted life forms, The Walking Dead is a perfect example of Gaia Theory in action. Except for the numbers and location of the surviving population, it presents a startlingly accurate scenario. The Walking Dead depicts the apocalypse as a global colonic; unpleasant in its extreme, necessary for the overall health of the planet.

Climate theorists tell us that location is the first key to survival. It is suggested that the extreme northern hemisphere will be the most likely area of successful habitation due to fresh water availability and increased temperatures radiating outward from the equator. (Daily Mail UK, Sands, S., 2008) Currently Canada, the United States and Britain are already experiencing a mass influx of immigration due to sustainability related issues as well as political collapse within countries that are floundering, in large part due to the effects of global warming and climate change.

How many people will survive? Looking at the most dire of predictions, even if 0.5% of the population survives, that’s still 37 500 000 people. That’s 6.25 times more people than the estimated six million that walked out of the ice age and into the agricultural revolution of the Neolithic era! (The Times of India 2013)

Is the apocalypse avoidable? In a word no. (Daily Mail UK 2008) We have already exceeded our maximum load bearing capacity of inhabitants on the planet and are no longer able to support them from our remaining resource base. Technically it is just a matter of time (Stephen Hawking 2016).

Gaia Theory is the creation of balance and sustainability of life through the transference and conversion of energy from one state to another; in other words she is the creation of order from chaos. Here is the epiphenal moment where we should all clue in that we, mankind, are currently the largest energy source available to utilize for the restructure of the very planet we have destroyed.  By that fact alone we are a valuable, natural resource and therefore essential for the earths survival as a whole. In theory, we cannot become extinct, merely altered from one state to another through conservation of energy; conversion of energy and eventually conversion by means of adaptation and evolution of the remaining population.

The Earth can no longer maintain the carbon load we have placed upon her coupled with overpopulation, global deforestation and the current levels of contamination within our air space and water supplies. We have essentially run out of storage space for human stupidity and waste and the only way to balance that out is to eliminate the larger part of the population and recycle it into reusable energy which will allow the earth to heal from the inside out. The future of humanity as it applies to Gaia Theory isn’t uncertain, it is drastically reduced; location based and dependent upon our ability to adapt to the environment we, ourselves have created…until such a time as Mother Earth can recreate it as a healthier one.


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