Welcome!  I’m glad you made it!

Here you will discover a bit of a unique outlook on health and fitness as well as a rather unorthodox approach to weight loss as I see it and how it’s worked for me.

I’ve spent over twenty years of my life getting it wrong. I’ve followed every fad diet and swallowed supplements by the handful only to end up frustrated, financially exhausted and…well…fatter than when I started. If you’ve hit the point of giving up I’ve been there; I’ve done that; I know how you feel and you are not alone.

2 1/2 years ago I scrapped every convention I thought I knew and started over from scratch and believe it or not…it was easier than you think! I’m now 68 lbs closer to the goal I had set for myself over 20 years ago. Now as I hit the final 15 I thought I ‘d better speak up. You see ‘seeing IS believing’ and it’s better to show you how I’m achieving this while it’s happening than tell you about it after the fact.

 Better yet come join me while I do it; let’s do this together!

So you’re probably beginning to wonder ‘Who the heck is this woman and exactly what is she trying to sell?’ Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cassandra. I am 45 years of age; I am a wife; a mother; a photographer and I work seasonally as a Barista in the Student Centre of a local University.  I am the embodiment of caffeinated sarcasm and I’m not selling anything more than a different way of looking at fitness…from the inside out.

If I can help just one person to achieve their goal of a healthier, happier way of being I will consider that worth the effort of sharing my experiences both good and bad. And as you’re reading this, I sincerely hope that person is you.

So strap on your mental sneakers and let’s go for a walk, it’s a beautiful day for a whole new beginning!


If you find your fun, fitness will follow!